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How to become a webcam model – 101

The Internet changed so much on so many fields also for webcam modeling. For some people, it’s not only an excellent source of entertainment, fun, games but also a great way of making money. You probably heard about some guys making tens of thousands dollars per month thanks to the Internet and new technologies. There are even some guys that make millions or billions every year, but of course, they are rare cases. What is most important though, that these days you don’t have to be Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg to make decent money online. Especially if you are sexy girl.

You may simply become an xxx webcam model and make some decent money doing something that is pleasant. In the privacy of your own house and at the time that you choose. Of course, online sex chat modeling jobs are not for everyone. You have to be open enough to strip naked, and you have to love the men. As they will be your customers. Read on and get more info on how to become a live cam model and make money online.

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1. Get mentally ready to be…
slutty and start webcam modeling!

As you may imagine, having a webcam modeling job as a cam girl is definitely not for every chick. First of all, you have to be honest with yourself and answer some questions. I like to get naked and feel comfortable with my body? Do I like when horny men watch me webcam modeling?

Will I feel good when I will chat with some real perverts that will ask me to do some kinky stuff? What are my boundaries and what I will allow satisfying my male customers?
Like I wrote before, you have to be honest with yourself. Some girls feel OK getting naked and being watched by horny guys. But they are not OK when some of the men will ask them for example to do some kinky show. And there are actually no limits in what some people may want from cam model.

Some of the guys get turned on when a cam girl is just little slutty, when she is just teasing and getting naked. While the other men just can’t get any reaction from their “little head” if the girl won’t, for example, do some kinky tasks, like putting huge dildo into her butthole or doing some crazy public stuff, like flashing naked in the park.

Of course, the person that sets these limits and boundaries is no one else than you. As a webcam model, you select what you are really into and you set your own limits. Also, no one forces you to spend your time with men that you don’t like. You are free to select your customers, just like they selected you. And if you are approached by some rude or unpleasant man, you may always stop chatting with him and ban him. That’s your decision of course.

You have to also remember the fact that some of your cam shows may be recorded and later found on some Internet websites. Where everyone, even years later can see them. Of course, you will have most of your privacy protected, like not revealing your real name and so on, but still – it will be your face and your naked body.
This is, of course, a pessimistic side of being a amateur cam girl.

You can’t overlook it, these things can happen, you may get approached by some really unpleasant men with mental problems. But usually 99 % of webcam models have only good experiences. And better yet – they usually find one or few steady customers that chat with them every day or so and bring steady amount of cash. It’s like having a (distant) sugar daddy, with a difference that you don’t have to do nothing except teasing and making his cock bigger and stiffer… without touching it !

Become a webcam model

2. Technical details on becoming a cam model

If you already decided that you really want to be a cam model, and your soul has nothing against it, then you are ready to go. But before you will milk wallets of all these horny guys, you need to be technically prepared.

First of all, let’s start with an Internet connection. Thankfully, nowadays, broadband Internet is widespread, it’s also not that hard to get fiber optic (depends on the place you live though). So to put it simply – the faster your internet connection will be, the more satisfied will be your customers. I would say that anything from 6mbps upload and 10 Mbps download will do the trick, but to be really comfortable you will need at least 10 Mbps upload and 10 Mbps download.

I would say that anything from 6mbps upload and 10 Mbps download will do the trick, but to be really comfortable you will need at least 10 Mbps upload and 10 Mbps download.
That kind of connections shouldn’t cost more than 50 dollars per month in even most expensive countries.

Second, choose your cam equipment wisely. All these horny guys love to watch good quality live streams, that’s why it’s good to get some xxx HD webcam, with a quality of at least 720p.
You may also think about buying an external microphone, as sometimes those that are in-built in webcams or laptops don’t work so good. But that’s optional actually. The most important thing is a good webcam, allowing you to stream your shows in the good quality.

Now, think about the place where you will do all your shows. If you don’t want to look like a creepy terrorist cell, it’s good to invest in good lighting. Usually, just a few additional light bulbs are good enough, but you may also invest in special studio lights/lamps. Go to any shop with cameras, they should give you good advice. The place where you will stream all your live shows should also look good enough. By that I mean – no grandma that can enter your cam show, no strange heroes of the second plan, just you, your room, and lots of privacy.

It’s also good to think about some nice background paintings. That will give you better appearance and will be more interesting for sure than a blank white wall.
Basically, arrange your place that way, that you will feel there like a real queen of your webcam model show. Make it special for you and your clients.

3. Choosing the right cam network and become a webcam model

If you prepared yourself mentally and got all technical equipment to become real queen of xxx webcams. Now it’s time to choose webcam webcam modeling network that you may want to cooperate with.

That’s one of the most important decisions that you will make, as all your cam earnings will depend entirely on that. There are few things that you have to consider before choosing a cam network that you will cooperate with.

The first thing that you may want to do is to ask around on various forums or blogs and speak with some real webcam model to get better information. That’s the best firsthand info that you may get; who could know better if not the other cam girls like you? Now, if you want to do some research by yourself, just remember about few things.

First of all, check how long any cam company has been online. There are many of them that have been around for decades. That usually means – if something exists for so long. It has to have a good reputation, otherwise unhappy cam girls and customers would already ruin such network with their bad opinions.

Second, check how much any particular cam network is willing to pay you. Usually the percentage is different and it varies, but don’t agree on anything below 35-40 % of the price of cam show. Most of the cam networks provide you a place to brand yourself (their network with huge database of customers). They also work hard on their marketing to bring more and more customers to their (and in that case – also yours) cam shows.

And they also have to make money, and sometimes they need to share their share with webmasters and the guys that will promote them. They also have to pay hosting fees, server fees, taxes, customer support people and so on. So don’t be surprised that you will have to share your money with someone. They will work hard to get their share and will provide a lot for it, don’t forget about that.

The other thing that you want to check before becoming a webcam model and cooperating with any cam network is how such cam network does really operate and how they charge their customers. Basically, to put it simply, there are two types of business models in cam world: to provide a lot for free, get lots of customers and make just some of them pay OR get fewer clients but charge anyone that is going to use cam show.

First scenario is usually about providing free cam shows (yes, you heard it right) for all people. Any guy can enter such chat and see naked lady like you, but to get some interaction, like for example private rooms or suggestions for the cam girl what to do, he has to pay.

The extreme example of such system is the cam network, where everything is for free, and cam girls depend entirely on the tips. That system could be really risky for the cam girls, but some of them become real stars and get lots active and tipping customers. But many of them – don’t get that much.

The second type of system is the cam network, where every customer has to register and pay some money to enter any live show. It’s like selecting any potential client at the door and getting rid of all the freeloaders. It provides a good selection of paying customers, but its harder to get big quantities of them. And sometimes, in that case, it’s hard to get any paying customers at all.

4. Show me the money,


Most of the webcam modeling girls become cam models because of the money. So how much money you can make and how you will get paid. Your earnings will depend on few simple factors: how many customers you will have. What will you charge them, and how much time you want to dedicate to your cam shows.

If you get lucky, you may get few steady customers that will visit your cam show few times a week. Paying good money every time. You will get connected with them and treat them like a good (but distant) sugar daddies, that drop lots of cash on their little princess.

The ending rates for private shows that customers pay are usually around few dollars per MINUTE of the show. From those few dollars per minute, you have to deduct around 40-60%, as those will be the costs of the cam network. Many cam networks also allow any cam girl to chose her own rates. That way you select how much you want to get paid for your webcam shows.

Your daily or monthly earnings will also depend on your sex appeal, your luck and your marketing skills. Cam girls that for the first weeks or months make almost nothing. Some cam girls make few hundred dollars per month and treat it as a small side job. There are cam queens that makeup to one thousand dollars PER DAY. After first few weeks or months, you will see for yourself what is your potential.

Most of the cam networks that I know of, usually do pay by few methods. It’s either by bank wire transfer, First Choice Pay system (former Payoneer) or by check. All of these payment methods are completely safe and the money always arrives.

5. Tips for making even more money as a webcam model

• Be sexy, be charming, dress well. You know best what to do, to make all the men want you.
• WORK. Sometimes it’s not enough to just appear on cam network without doing nothing. Even if said network use their powerful marketing resources, it won’t hurt if you will start to promote yourself on your own. Record your cam shows and upload them to various tube sites.

Write blog comments and articles. Be active on Facebook (of course it doesn’t have to be your real name, you may use some alias), Instagram and other social networks.

Use many social networks, groups and invite some guys to your private cam shows. Do it wisely, to avoid any possible bans at particular social networks (be careful especially with Facebook).

• Have fun! Everybody loves to see smiling webcam models that actually love what they do. This can be your biggest magnet for all your customers, so be natural, be nice, be a fun girl to be with!

And last but not least – enjoy all the money that you will earn thanks to one of the easiest jobs in the world best of luck from!